10 Tips to a More Eco- Friendly Establishment…

Go Green! We’ve put together 10 tips to help your restaurant reduce waste, save money and hold an image that your customers and suppliers will support.

1. WATER - Using timed water taps/flow restrictors in the bathrooms is a great way to save on water. Don’t assume every table wants a jug of water, ask! What a waste to throw out unused water from a table.

2. ENERGY - It may be costly to overhaul your whole kitchen but making sure that your fridges, freezers, ovens etc are all energy efficient will save you money on bills and be less harmful to the environment. Make sure all freezer/fridge doors are closed and the seals are in good condition ensuring that energy (and therefore money) is not wasted. Simple things like turning off lights when not needed can go a long way in helping save energy!

3. CLEANING - Use non toxic cleaning materials. Not only are the chemicals harmful to your
customers and you, they are bad for the environment.

4. PAPER - Using cloth instead of paper where possible is so much better for the environment and for waste control. Table cloths, place mats, towels, napkins etc. If you offer take away options, get rid of Styrofoam containers and use biodegradable materials instead. E-mail coupons/advertising/newsletters/new menus updates to your customers rather than handing out paper prints.

Eco Tree with environment symbols

5. KEEP IT LOCAL - If you’re flying your food from half way across the world, it’s adding massively to your carbon footprint. Keep it close to home, chances are there are some local farmers and producers that have great choices awaiting you! Do your research and find what you need on your doorstep. The food will be fresher, you’re putting money back in to your community and you can tell your customers where their food has come from.

6. COMPOST - Try to compost as much as you can. Obviously this will depend on the location and layout of your establishment and the grounds it’s on but composting table scraps, coffee grounds, spoiled food can take waste down by a lot!

7. LIGHTS - Change your traditional light bulbs to CFL’s or LED’s where possible. Use motion censors in your bathrooms so the lights don’t need to be kept on all day/night.

8. ORGANIC - If you can swap some of your ingredients or whole dishes to organic then do! Not only is this a healthier option for your diners, there will have been no chemicals or pesticides used to harm the environment.

9. BY REQUEST - Reduce waste by only handing out straws and napkins on request. It may only seem small but cutting back bit by bit can help in the long run. This can save you money on ordering more and also cut back on waste.

10. RECYCLE - Okay so this is a pretty obvious one but do keep an eye on what you’re throwing out. Things are becoming more recyclable so keep checking to make sure you’re not binning stuff that could be used again/thrown in a compost bin/recycled.