Want more customers this Halloween?

Our 10 Tips on bringing in more business this Halloween! Halloween is next month so take a few ideas from the following list and let the people know what you have to offer through your different social media channels. You can boost those sales that you might see dwindling before the busy Christmas period! You don’t have to throw the biggest Halloween party in all the land. If you can afford to, excellent! If not, there are some smaller, budget friendly suggestions to get you going too! halloween-cocktails-main-1009-530x240

  1. Creepy cocktailsMix some sugar syrup with red food colouring to drizzle in or around glasses to serve cocktails in. Use dry ice to make a mystical mist across your drinks.
  2. Lurking In The Locality– If there are any big events happening near your restaurant or bar like ghost tours, zombie runs, Halloween shows etc tie in with event organisers to offer things such as pre show dinner and drinks at special rates.
  3. Hocus Pocus – Hire a fortune teller or tarot card reader to set up in your bar for the night. Something different!
  4. Petrifying Promotions – Contact your suppliers. A lot of drinks companies will offer POS promotional materials and decorations for different seasonal occasions. Put them to use! If your staff won’t be wearing the silly hats your suppliers send out, give them away with drinks or use them as spot prizes for customers. Continue reading

How To Make Your Restaurant Family Friendly…

Understandably some restaurants are on a smaller premises and don’t have the room for several high chairs, they may offer a high end dining experience where loud toddlers are not part of the deal or the establishment owner just simply doesn’t like children (how dare they!) Other places have this down to a T, are known for being family friendly and are happy enough to welcome little ones to the tables of their restaurant.

Messy Baby


So how do you help your place gain more of a family vibe? How do you let parents know that they’re not intruding with their kids? Parents can be left feeling unwelcome and uncomfortable by being told the restaurant doesn’t offer a child friendly menu, that they can’t bring their toddlers buggy inside or that the single high chair the establishment has, is already in use.

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